I’m passionate about what I do and that has always translated well into my speaking.

Having been a mentor & advisor to a number of startups and enterprise clients I’ve found myself in the enviable position of having to lead numerous workshops and away days with the sole purpose of motivating and inspiring teams to work better and to deliver to higher standards.

It’s this experience that I lean on in my speaking and which allows me to bring energy to your event.

Below are the topics that are most current from my repertoire. These are approximately 1 hour in length, though this can be reduced to include a Q&A session if required.

Loyalty – The end to end customer journey.
Gone are the days when the only real interaction with consumers was through your product. Now you have to engage with them even when they’re not buying your product and keep telling them & making them feel a part of your story. In this talk I discuss how to build an organisation that leverages on concepts of loyalty in the service industry and how organisations need to recognise how they are perceived by the public at large.

Social Media – The only way to touch your customers now
Traditional marketing is dead. Everything is online and mobile. And it’s all about being referred or shared. In this talk I cover the advent of a whole new way of working for every industry sector conceivable.

Don’t build anything unless it’s for Mobile
People spend more and more time scrolling on their phones than they do on any other device. Mobile is the only platform worth considering. Period. In this talk I elaborate on this point and discuss the implications for your business.

Startups – How to build one fast
This is a rollercoaster talk where I walk run the audience through the steps to create a business in today’s technologically easy world. The technology is easy! It’s the hard work required that makes it difficult.

I’m available for the following type of events:

  • Company Strategy Days
  • Company Away Days / Team building events
  • Luncheon workshops
  • Corporate Events
  • Conferences

I am exceptionally keen to ensure that all events are a tremendous success for all of my clients and to that end I engage with my client’s teams well in advance to better understand the audience makeup, specific topics that may be of interest or are of particularly pertinent nature to the organisation itself.

I dedicate a significant amount of time to the preparation of each presentation and that is reflected in my fees. I am happy to discuss your specific requirements and can rapidly develop prestations around topics that would suit your needs.